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Subject [CarPC]How to use AUDI remote controller to CarPC JoyCon
writer rcjoycon

This is AUDI steering wheel remote controller.

It is embedded in steering wheel.

This AUDI remote controller is digital output, so it can not be connected to CarPC JoyCon directly.

But you can modify it to be resistance-output easily.

AUDI steering wheel remote controller has a PCB board, but we don't need this PCB.

This is the top view of the button's PCB.

This is the buttom view.
This PCB has 6 pin connector, five pins are used for BUTTON 1~3 and LED power and GND, one pin is not used.

We need to make a circuit like this.
Black wire and white wire are to be connected to CarPC JoyCon respectively.

Connect resistor like this.

R1, R2, R3 must have different resistance value.

For example,

R1 - 100 ohm
R2 - 1k ohm
R3 - 10k ohm

Do the same at the other side remote controller and tie white and black wire respectively.
The six resistor values must have different value.

And connect the white wire and black wire to CarPC JoyCon respectively.


Then all the 6 button works.


AUDI remote controller has LEDs, you can turn on the LEDs with USB 5V.
You can get 5V at this point.


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